Hi, I'm Kerra!

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As a developer with a background in art and design, I make websites just as stunning as they are functional. In a world that's constantly competing for everyone's attention, visual design is just as important as functionality. I pride myself on my ability to bring anyone's creative vision to life.

When I'm not developing, you can find me crafting, gaming, or escaping to the outdoors.


HTML5 CSS3 TailwindCSS TypeScript MUI WordPress JavaScript Node React Next MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL Astro Git

My Work

Temporal Tattoo & Piercing
Temporal Tattoo Landing Preview

A modern three-page website for a tattoo and piercing studio

Honey Bee Jewelers
Honey Bee Jewelers Landing Preview

A simple, yet elegant one-page website for an artisan jeweler

Skate Central - Skate Shop
Skate Central Landing Preview

A fun and colorful, multi-page eCommerce site

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